AWeber Review

Email Marketing Science Review: Good

AWeber is an email provider that powers more than 100,000 bloggers and entrepreneurs with a focus on optimization and lead generation. The email marketing provider has continued to reinvent itself over the years and invested in a lot of improvements to make itself a true top-tier competitor in the category. AWeber is recommended by Email Marketing Science.


AWeber email campaign creation

User Experience

aweber autoresponder sequence and email funnelDrag-and-Drop Marketing Automation & Funnels

AWeber comes with powerful email autoresponders and marketing funnels built-in. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can create and edit sequences. In the tool, create new messages. Then, sequence them by dragging around the messages. Instead of having your messages sent right away, you can set up time delays. The messages drip into subscribers’ inboxes over time. You can also set up triggers. Email subscribers who haven’t opened a recent message. Or those who haven’t clicked on a specific link. These features add an additional layer of depth and control to your sequences.

aweber sign-up forms

Campaign Templates, and Plenty of Sign-Up Forms

Every email marketing provider offers email campaign templates, but AWeber goes the extra distance to offer sign-up form templates. Through their selection, you can find the right sign-up form that fits your website best. But it doesn’t stop there. AWeber also has built-in split testing and A/B testing for the opt-in forms themselves. Now, you can optimize your forms to the small changes that may drive large improvements. We haven’t many other email providers offer opt-in form split testing. You usually need to pay for another service to get this level of control. But opt-in form testing is built-in to AWeber.

Keep Your Lists Clean Automatically

As you start attracting email subscribers, you’ll find that you need to do some occasional weeding. People change email addresses. They change jobs. They change their last names. If your emails are still going to those email addresses, it will drive down your delivery rates and open rates until you remove them. AWeber takes care of bounces automatically. If a person’s email addresses gives a bounce error three times over a period of time, AWeber automatically removes that email address from your list. It’s as simple as that.

AWeber Review Features

  • Forms & Landing Pages

    AWeber has its own templates for opt-in forms. Once you customize the form to your own style, you can split test your forms. Split testing opt-in forms is something we don’t see from even larger email marketing providers, so we were pleased to see it included at no additional cost with AWeber.

  • Analytics & Tracking

    AWeber includes list growth tracking, plus basic analytics on delivered messages like open rate and click-through rate. UTM link parameters are supported so you can track behaviors in Google Analytics and other web analytics tools. If you connect AWeber to an e-commerce provider, like Shopify, you can track revenue. Although the setup requires some Javascript code changes.

  • Audience & List Segmentation

    AWeber lets you segment your list by tags that you can create and apply. Other email providers have “pre-built” segments, which automatically segment lists based on subscriber behavior, but we didn’t see those features included in AWeber. There are also not any support for inferred demographic segments unless you build them yourself.

  • Split Testing & A/B Testing

    AWeber has a powerful split testing tool for both email campaigns and opt-in forms. The split testing on opt-in forms is a killer feature for AWeber. It replaces the need for paying for other services. Email campaign split testing will show you the results of two variations, but it won’t automatically crown a winner. That interpretation is left up to you to determine. And because it doesn’t crown a winner itself, it doesn’t send the winning variation to the rest of the list. We think this is an area of improvement for AWeber.

  • Triggers, Sequences & Marketing Automation

    AWeber offers best-in-class email sequences and marketing automation. The drag-and-drop builder makes complicated email sequences a snap. We love the experience and think every AWeber user should be using it for their lists. AWeber has automation triggers. These triggers can launch new email campaigns depending on reader behavior. You can send different messages for readers who open an email, or don’t open an email. Or, for readers who click a specific link.

  • Integration

    AWeber offer a ton of integrations. As a popular email service provider, AWeber integrates with a large number of integrations, such as landing page tools, lead capture services, membership and course websites, e-commerce tools, webinar services, payment tools and Zapier.

  • Free plans & Trial plans

    AWeber doesn’t offer a free plan, but they offer a 30-day trial for you to fully test AWeber before you commit to purchasing. You can get discounted rates if you purchase quarterly or annually, instead of monthly.

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