Build Beautiful Landing Pages that Convert


You could try your own tactics to drive opt-ins to your email list. Or, you can leave it to the experts. With landing page tools, you can usually drive a lot more leads and revenue to your business than you would be able to do on your own. There is a small cost, but the value you get back makes it more than worth it.

One of our favorite landing page tools is called Instapage. It’s an online platform to build, embed and optimize landing pages. Think of it as a full suite for your landing page needs. They’re so good at what they do that their customers have created more than 1 million landing pages that generate a 20% conversion rate on average.

I have opt-in forms on my homepage. Why do I need a landing page?

If you’re always sending new visitors to your homepage, you’re probably losing out on more subscribers. The fact is we use our homepages to tell the customer who we are, and we use landing pages to get them to subscriber.

Landing page are more focused and ultimately optimized to a single purpose: subscribe. You can also build different landing pages based on how you are sending someone to your page. Like, filling out a lead form, or downloading a PDF guide, or registering for a webinar. Don’t confuse visitors with multiple options. A landing page is hyper-focused with one option.

We love Instapage because it makes creating new landing pages really easy. You don’t need to know any code. And the pages look beautiful.

How it works

It’s really simple. You start with one of their pre-made templates. Instapage has spent years testing and refining their templates. You just get to jump ahead and use their learnings. All of the templates are already mobile-optimized, so you don’t have to worry about different screens and devices. Once you have a template you like, you can customize it using their drag and drop builder.

Is your logo red, and the template is blue? No problem! Change fonts and colors to match your brand. Add new images and videos. You can also add countdown timers, which are really effective but difficult to build without a tool like Instapage.

It works with your email marketing tool

Instapage doesn’t work separately from your email tools. It connects directly to them. Every email provider we could think of was included, including AWeber and MailChimp. It connects without writing any code.

You can publish your new landing pages on your own domain, or on Instapage. We recommend publishing them on your own domain.

So now you have a funnel set up where your new landing page is automatically sending people to your list. What if you could optimize it?

Split test with ease

instapage A/B testing and split testing

Instapage has built in A/B split testing to show you exactly what’s working. You can even view a heatmap to discover what visitors are viewing on your landing page.

Instapage heatmap

Leave it to a player who has been in this space for a long time. Instapage makes great landing pages that work well. When you send visitors to your website, send them to an Instapage landing page.

P.S. – Instapage offers a 14-day trial to see if it’s right for you. There’s no risk. They don’t even ask for a credit card when you sign-up. But we know you’ll love it.