ConvertKit Review

Email Marketing Science Review: Outstanding

ConvertKit is a beautiful, powerful email marketing platform made for bloggers and e-commerce stores. Split testing, email triggers and sequences and opt-in incentives are built-in. While other email marketing providers have bolted on marketing automation features, ConvertKit was built from the ground up with marketing automation in mind. Read our ConvertKit review. ConvertKit receives our highest recommendation from Email Marketing Science.

User Experience

Sequence Workflows

One of ConvertKit’s most powerful features is its marketing automation. Once you set up a form, you can begin threading sequences together. ConvertKit users create their own visual workflows for when and what to send subscribers. Marketing automation campaigns can become cumbersome and overwhelming. But ConvertKit’s experience makes setup and edits a breeze. We absolutely love the experience. This is marketing automation at its finest.

Split Test with Ease

A/B testing or split testing is one of the best ways to improve your open rate and click-through rate. It’s an emailing marketing best practice. But, it’s easier in some tools than others. ConvertKit builds subject line split testing directly into the tool. Next to the email subject text box, click the “A/B” button to create a second headline. ConvertKit will automatically test both subject lines. They first send emails with subject to a small subset of your lists. Once ConvertKit finds the best performing subject, it sends the better performing subject to the rest of your list. And it’s all automatic. Easy, right?

Incentives built-in

Offering incentives drives email list growth. People are more likely to subscribe to your list if they get something in return, like a guide, PDF checklist, free ebook or course. Incentives are powerful tools but difficult to embed. Sometimes, you need to upload the the file yourself. ConvertKit handles incentives for you though. When you set up a list, you can create an incentive email. You can upload a file like a PDF or video. Or you can point to a URL. Now, when users confirm their email addresses, they get your incentive delivered automatically. This feature is one of ConvertKit’s competitive advantages.

ConvertKit Review Features

  • Forms & Landing Pages

    ConvertKit includes a built-in form builder to make your opt-in forms look as good as your emails. It’s a powerful builder to work better than most competing services. We wish the forms optimized themselves though.

  • Analytics & Tracking

    ConvertKit includes email list growth tracking, plus basic analytics on delivered messages like open rate and click-through rate. If you set up UTM link parameters, you can track behaviors in Google Analytics and other web analytics tools.

  • Audience & List Segmentation

    If an email subscriber is already subscribed to one of your lists, you can segment them into different lists. And ConvertKit doesn’t charge for having the same subscriber on multiple lists. ConvertKit lets you group subscribers by tags, and then segments can organize tags. This means you have plenty of flexibility to test and change your lists in the future.

  • Split Testing & A/B Testing

    It’s really simple to A/B test different headlines. In fact, it’s built in next to every subject line. And ConvertKit will automatically send the best performing subject to the rest of your list. But easy A/B and split testing stops there. If you want to test different email messages, you will need to test your own campaigns on your own.

  • Triggers, Sequences & Marketing Automation

    ConvertKit’s sequence workflows are powerful and easy to use. You can easy build deep, integrated workflows. And you can edit them later. ConvertKit’s automation workflows beat every other tool we have tested. ConvertKit also has link triggers. If subscribers click on a specific link in your email, you can automatically add them to their own sequence.

  • Integration

    ConvertKit’s features can extend broadly thanks to dozens of integration. It integrates with lead capture services, membership and course websites, e-commerce tools, webinar services, payment tools and Zapier.

  • Free plans & Trial plans

    We wish ConvertKit had a free plan for small lists. After all, ConvertKit is built for bloggers who are probably bootstrapping and growing their lists from zero. But ConvertKit does offer a 14-day trial for free.

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