GetResponse Review

Email Marketing Science Review: Outstanding

GetResponse leads with a beautiful user experience and some powerful features that rival industry titans. Its split testing, massive templates library, and deep integrations make GetResponse a strong email service provider and email marketing tool. GetResponse receives our highest recommendation from Email Marketing Science.

GetResponse Workflow Animation

User Experience

GetResponse Time Travel and Personalized Delivery TimeDeliver at the Right Time with Time Travel and Personalization

You could guess or test the right time to deliver an email. Or, leave it to GetResponse. With Time Travel, when you deliver an email campaign, your message could land in your readers’ inboxes at, say, 11AM, no matter where they live. GetResponse handles timezone differences. But not every reader is on the same scheduled. That’s why GetResponse offers another feature called Personalized Delivery Time. GetResponse tracks when every subscriber opens your emails. Then, it optimizes your campaign delivery time to when THEY will open your email. Perfect timing, right?

GetResponse split testing and A/B testing

A/B Test up to 5 Variations at Once

Every email service provider offers some level of A/B testing and split testing. GetResponse gives you 4 ways to split test: subject line, from field, email content and delivery time. What makes GetResponse unique is that you can choose up to 5 variations to choose at once. That means, instead of running a side-by-side, A/B test, you’re doing sophisticated multivariate testing. And GetResponse handles the testing for you. Once GetResponse finds the winning variation, it sends that variation to the rest of your list. Let machine learning work for you, and focus on growing your business.

GetResponse workflows

Drag-and-Drop Workflows

Automations and triggers can easily get complicated, but few email service providers give a visual and clear user interface as well designed as GetResponse. With the workflows builder, you can make sophisticated paths for which message to send to your users by dragging and dropping elements. GetResponse also has autoresponders that you set up on a calendar. You can drag and drop which email is sent when in a way that feels like Outlook, Apple Calendar or Google Calendar.

GetResponse Review Features

  • Forms & Landing Pages

    GetResponse has opt-in forms and landing pages with plenty of pre-designed templates. Plus, you can optimize your landing pages to get the best response, something we don’t see across providers.

  • Analytics & Tracking

    GetResponse offers email list growth tracking, plus basic analytics on delivered messages like open rate and click-through rate. You can track UTM link parameters in web analytics tools like Google Analytics. If you connect GetResponse to an e-commerce provider, like Shopify or WooCommerce, you can track e-commerce performance too.

  • Audience & List Segmentation

    GetResponse gives you the ability to set up list segmentation by what you know about your subscribers. You can also segment by your readers’ campaign behaviors, like if they missed your last messages. These are good features, but we wished GetResponse generated automatic segments, like lapsed shoppers (for e-commerce) and readers who haven’t read your last few emails.

  • Split Testing & A/B Testing

    Split test your email subject, email content, from name, or delivery time. You can only test one at a time, but you can test up to 5 variations. The number of variations will probably be limited more than your list size, so only being able to test one variable at a time isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Once GetResponse finds the winning variation, it will send that variation to the rest of your list automatically.

  • Triggers, Sequences & Marketing Automation

    GetResponse offers a brilliant and beautiful workflow for triggers and sequences. They are extremely powerful. The interface may look overwhelming at first glance (it’s not), but GetResponse has a tutorial built in. You won’t feel lost, and you’ll be building best-in-class sequences. Even if you’re new to email marketing.

  • Integration

    GetResponse has plenty of integrations. It integrates with e-commerce tools, social networks, payment tools and Zapier.

  • Free plans & Trial plans

    GetResponse does not offer a free plan. Instead, when you sign-up for a plan, you get a one-month free trial. If you operate a non-profit, you can get a 50% off lifetime discount.

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